A Revolutionary NFT Experience
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A Revolutionary NFT Experience

The Next Generation of NFT Communities is Here!

Welcome to the Crew

The Urban Uprise Crew (UUC) provides artists with a customizable web3 NFT gallery to showcase their NFTs to friends, family, and fans online. The UUC also curates a Global Gallery, where artists and musicians display exclusive NFT artwork and music videos.

By purchasig a UUC PFP NFT, you become a crew member. Membes enjoy access to the Global Gallery, POAP NFTs, rare NFTs, ETH airdrops, as well as engagement rewards redeemable in the form of UUC merch and tickets to IRL events.

Community Support & Partnerships


Join the Crew

Become a founding member of an exclusive group.

If you have a UUC PFP NFT in your wallet, then you’re a UUC member. Members have access to the Global Gallery, which will have new drops each week. A free POAP NFT badge for each new drop will be rewarded to those members in attendance. The more you attend, the more you get rewarded. Each POAP NFT provides rewards redeemable through merch, discounts to IRL events, rare NFT airdrops, ETH raffles, and more.

Become an Upriser

Trying to showcase your artwork in a web3 gallery?

To apply for your free web3 gallery, you must join our discord and send a sample link to your portfolio. After approval, you will have access to your own gallery to promote your own NFTs to your fan base. New galleries will be rewarded as you reach sales milestones. If you become part of our Global Gallery, you will have the opportunity to generate a passive income stream and work with unsigned musical talent on NFT music albums.

NFT Sales Will Support Art and Music Programs for Inner-City Schools

Empowering the Community

Not only does this community provide insane reward to its members, but we also strive to work with inner-city youth programs to help spread awareness and raise funds for supporting their missions.

The only direction we are headed is up!

Take a look at our projected flight path and see the journey ahead.