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This is the story of the Urban Uprise Crew, a group of 10k musicians, artists, and fans who had their creative souls stolen by the shady Shadow Dweller Corporation who took creatives captive and used their talents to grow their financial power.

We call on you to mint a Crew Member and free every creative soul from captivity. The more souls that are freed, the bigger our creative power becomes, revealing a fury of talent that will destroy the Shadow Dwellers' rule, forever.

By joining the UUC revolution as a Musician, Artist, or invested Fan, you’ll have the ability to boost fellow creatives, vote for talent, and help produce a monthly Uprise Album that will ignite unity amongst the crew and help build camaraderie.

The crew will be highly promoted and featured throughout the metaverse and IRL. Crew mates will be able to grow in their career and ultimately bring success and fortune to not just themselves, but the entire community as a whole!

Join The Revolution and
Free Your Creative Soul!

Industry Partnerships

Third Web

The UUC is a 10K strong, PFP community of international musicians and NFT artists, centered around revolutionizing the future of the web3 music industry. The UUC is engineering an ecosystem that provides opportunities and resources for its holders.

The UUC will be giving back to Inner-City youth art/music programs throughout the US and hopefully abroad. The youth are the next generation of creators and sometimes the littlest bit of compassion can create a dream that builds inspiration and fuels innovation.

Holders Can Expect

Monthly Airdrops
Rare & Redeemable NFTs
Promoted Musicians
Monthly Uprise Album
Promoted Artists
UUC Artist Gallery
IRL Events
Live Music & NFT Showcases
UUC Merch
Free & Discounted Merch
Brand Campaigns
Get exposure. Get Paid.