Join The Revolution

In a metaverse not so far away, the greedy Shadow Dweller corporation had devised a plan to capture all the world's creative people. They lured them into contracts and broken promises, ultimately sucking the freedoms of creativity from the world, leaving a wasteland of emptiness.

It's our job to free these creative souls by minting them out of captivity. As each soul is freed, their unique craft can be seen once again, providing a aresenal of talent aimed to reclaim their rightful place and destroy corporate greed, forever!

Join us on our journey to free the captured souls of the world, one Upriser at a time.


The UUC is a community of international like-minded individuals spanning many genres of art and music centered around revolutionizing the future of creativity as we know it.

To become a featured artist and sell your work within our UUC storefront, you must join the crew by minting a UUC NFT.

Mint Your Crew Member